A Research and Education Project of New Jersey Audubon's
Cape May Bird Observatory - Cape May Point, NJ

The Monarch Monitoring Project (MMP), established in 1990, is a research and education program focusing on the fall migration of monarch butterflies along the Atlantic coast. For over two decades the MMP has gathered data on monarchs moving through Cape May during September and October. MMP staff and volunteers also conduct informational programs on monarch biology and tagging. See MMP Bog (link at top) for additional information.

2017 Road Census Results (see Data Page for 1992-2016)

D.p./hr. = Average number of monarchs observed per hour

Week 1 - 17.77 D.p./hr.

Week 2 - 38.27 D.p./hr.

Week 3 - 35.63 D.p./hr.

Week 4 - 49.67 D.p./hr.

Week 5 - 156.68 D.p./hr.

Week 6 - 59.16 D.p./hr.